About Us

Being Green Hill Sport 

Our brand is like a sports person. Energetic, strong and healthy. Always 
striving to become even better. People recognize us by the way we look, 
how we behave and the way we communicate. It is vital that we do this in a 
consistent manner. This makes it much easier for people to like and trust 
our brand. 

The identity of Green Hill Sport consist of different parts. Such as our 
brand values, logo, colors and photography. Each part is important in its 
own way. Equally important is the way we communicate: what we say and 
how we say it. If we do it right, it fits the way we look. 

We can combine the parts of our brand in different ways. This depends on 
the message we want to convey, the location, timing and occasion. 
Sometimes it’s only about showing our logo. Sometimes it’s about fully 
informing people what Green Hill Sport is and what we stand for. 
This brand guide describes each part of our brand Green Hill Sport, the 
role these parts play in our identity and the way they should be used. 
Follow these guidelines. 

Then everybody in your target audience will know that it’s not just 
anybody talking to them, it’s Green Hill Sport! 

Team Green Hill